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Isaiah 53:1a – “Who has believed our report?”

James Durham in his work Christ Crucified: The Marrow of the Gospel in 72 Sermons on Isaiah 53 writes on page 77, “There will be many aggravations of the guilt of an unbeliever, and this will be a main one, even the testimony of all the prophets that concur to this truth which they have rejected. Take heed to this, all you atheists, that know not what it is to take sin [admit sin]; and all you hypocrites, that coin and counterfeit a religion of your own; and all you legal persons, that lean to your own righteousness. What will you say, when it shall be found that you have rejected all these testimonies? You must either say, you counted them false witnesses, which you will not dare to say, or that you accounted them true, and yet would not receive their testimony. And the best of these will be found sad enough; for if you counted them true, why did you not believe them? This will be a very pungent dilemma.”

A very pungent dilemma indeed. For when that day comes that all men see that these testimonies were indeed true it will be too late to change one’s mind. Why not trust God who is over all? He cannot lie. His testimonies are true. We are all great sinners in need of a great Savior and He has been provided.